Spain is known for its combination of modern beauties and modern thoughts. The culture and traditions of this beautiful country are very rich and diverse. The lifestyle of people and natural beauties attract many tourists to the country. Approximately 50 million people visit Spain every year, making it one of the top five tourist destinations

With historic works such as the Hercules Tower, the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria Guadalupe, Roman statues and many other works, Spain has the second highest rank in history with the UNESCO’s most historic legacy with 39 cultural heritage (out of a total of 44 registered heritage).

Spain is among the few countries that have a long history of invasion and invading countries. In addition to the geographical location, it has shaped the rich, diverse and unique culture. A study of the history and culture of the Spanish people will surely force you to say “I love Spain,” the phrase “Me encanta España”.


فستیوال گوجه رنگی در اسپانیا

Spain’s colorful and charming celebrations

Harvest Festival (Fiestas de la Vendimia Riojana (La Rioja Wine Festival
Our Lady Festival (La Fontaine de Gracia
Summer Festival (‘Fiesta de Verano’ (People wear traditional Spanish costumes and dance to ‘sevillanas’ and ‘malaguenas’)
Local Festival of Flenites (El Cosos (Local fiesta of Felanitx
Peter’s Day Celebration (Celebrated on the day of San Pedro

From clothes to collective movements and music, dancing and partying, you can understand why Spanish culture is the most colorful and diverse culture. Large festivals include flamenco, bullfighting, circus, town hall, fireworks, concerts, musical competitions and singing. The most famous part is the “Escape of Cows in Pamplona”, which is celebrated at San Fermin Celebration.