Information about the cities of Spain

  • Madrid, the capital and the largest city of Spain, although it has modern infrastructure, but looking at it, we ... Read More
  • Vittoria (vitoria) Bitaria (Spanish: Vitoria; Basque: Gasteiz) is a city in northern Spain, the capital of Alava, the center ... Read More
  • About Valladolid Valladolid (in Spanish: Valladolid, pronounced “Baidu”, in Arabic: Baudol Al-Waleed) is the capital of the province of ... Read More
  • About Valencia (valencia) Valencia (Valencia) or Valencia (Valencia) is the center of the Valencian Autonomous Community, with a population ... Read More
  • About MOSTOLES (mostoles) Mentos is one of the Spanish cities of Madrid. Its population is about 216 thousand and ... Read More
  • Melilla Melilla (in Mrič) (in Spanish: Melilla, Melia) is a Spanish autonomous city located on the northern coasts of ... Read More
  • Malaga Malaga (in Spanish: Málaga) is a town in the Andalusian autonomous region of southern Spain, the capital city ... Read More
  • Marbella Spanish: Marbella; / mɑːrbeɪjə, -vɛljə, -vɛjə /; Read More
  • Madrid (madrid) The city of Madrid is considered to be the main city of the Iberian Peninsula because of ... Read More